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Removal of stock spoiler

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Dear all,

I am soon to be receiving one of the large Wings West spoilers and as I currently have the little stock spoiler I was wondering how easy it was to remove. Is it just stuck down or does it involve screws and holes in the boot? If stuck down what would you recommend for taking it off.


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if im not mistaken. i believe its held on with just 4 bolts. you have to pop the trunk and when you lift it up you will see these lil black circles at the top of the hatch. closest to you . put your finger nail under them and pull it out. once you have pulled all 4 out you have expose the bolts. get a socket that will fit and take it out. and do in reverse for your new wing. good luck
You are correct.. it's just four bolts under there.. i believe (if memory serves correctly) it's Metric 6.
My preferred method is backing up to the garage with the decklid up and a larger TV in the back of the cougar. My garage and roof eaves are just high enough to clip/shear the spoiler without damagin the deck lid too much. had to replace the lid...1 bolt tore through instead of breaking at the spoiler. :eek: oops, I never claimed to be the smartest person out there!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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