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real or fake???

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ok...stupid question...but never really bought chamois before.

The price difference is that great so anyone know which would be better, the real leather chamois or the synthetic chamois or something completely different?

oh...btw...go RAPTORS go...
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I bought the synthetic after using a real chamois for a year, and I found that the synthetic tended to leave more streaks and be more difficult to dry the car with...
I've heard good things about the california water blade -> probably a lot easier to keep clean as well
RAPTORS RULE BABY!!!!!!!! takin out the knicks in the msg!!!!! that was f--ing crazy man...i was at a sports bar watchin the game, but i felt like i was right there man...atmosphere was so hype it was unbelievable....and wilkens has gotta bench that bum oakley, and start J.Y.D., it's no coincidence the raptors blew their 11 point lead as soon as that idiot oakley came on the floor.
I use a real leather chamois, I don't like the synthetic ones. I think its worth the price difference.



When was the last time you could cheer on two Toronto based teams that are actually doing well in the playoffs?!?

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true dat mike! and the blue jays are no slouches this season either so far...

GO every other freakin team we have!
I like the synthetic myself. and as gunmetal metioned, synthetic does leave more streaks and harder to dry, the real ones works better but after a while, it starts to leave lints and it actually wears out the wax on the paint much faster (this is what I heard from the detailing guys at work). and yeah, that california blade works too, acutally, any wiper blade will do the job. after I wash my car, I use a wiper blade to wipe off most of the water before I use a chamois on it, makes it much faster to finish the job!
I've had a good natural one and a few synthetic ones and find the Simonize synthetic one to be the best. They make a couple of different ones though. The one I have has a fuzzy texture and was a little expensive if I remember right. There is a Canadian Tire by my work, so I'll see if I can pop in tommorow and find the same one. I also use a cheap synthetic one for the door jams, trunk and wheels.
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