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Quick question guys...

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This guy wants to sell me an oem strut bar for $100 + s/h is this a good deal or do you think i am getting ripped off.
Also should i purchase this bar or is there another bar which is better.
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Our car doesn't have an OEM strut bar. We have sway bars that are different. Unless you ment to say OMP strut bar. The one that goes across the strut towers in the engine bay? That runs for about $80 or so now I think (and it's well worth it). Unless you have a picture I would be weary.

Your options for a strut tower bar can be found by searching the Suspension section for "bar" or similar. Same can be said for our rear strut bars & sway bars.
Originally posted by: JScullinThat runs for about $80 or so now I think
wow where?
the lowest I've ever seen it was in a group buy a couple years back for $89.

$100 from what I've seen is the best deal you can get on these. I've seen them being offered for as high as $140, without shipping.

OMP front strut tower bars rock my world.
the increased stiffness and handling in the twisties are great, especially coupled with a rear strut tower bar :drool; oh damn I wish I could be out driving my car right now.
my advise...
as far as suspension performance goes... the front strut bar is probably the least value performance wise... upgrading your rear sway bar to one of bigger diameter will cost you about the same but will yield much better results. :)
thanks a lot guys. I think im just going to hold off on this one. I have much more work to do first on the car.
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