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hey guys i have a (intake) that i got from someone,think it goes on a cougar.
it has a black lable on the top that says .." duratec v6 2.5L 24 valve DOHC "
anyway i was wornderin what it is for sure.
i polished it ,it looks chrome now and i want to sell it,just dont know much about it.
i have pics of it before / after if that would help.please email me [email protected]
if ya know.or if anyone wants it,,by the way,i do custom polishing if interested...sorry and thanks for your time...shawn

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Sounds like an upper intake from a earlier Contour/Mystique.
The Cougar upper intake does not have any labels on it. Our label is
on the engine cover instead.

Its probably worth $50 or so (unpolished), seeing as it is polished probably some more.
Most people desire the SVT dual honed upper intakes.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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