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Question about meet

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I have to be at a college visit the day b4, and i am coming back the day of the meet. The problem is that i have to take senior pics at 12 in dublin. What i am askin is that is it worth just going after the pics and just showing up late, or will everyone b gone?
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the eairliest i can get there is probably going to be 12:30, and i think we are planning on wrapping up that night, so i think it would still be worth it to come late. how late are you talking about though?
Trust me, meets are always worth it. Hell I m driving 2hrs without my cougar just so I can go.
so you've decided not to bring your cougar now?
true but Ill be there, just not spending 8 hrs in a car in like 1 day. lol :)
haha its cool
You can contact me the day of the meet. I have PMed you my cellie number. That way we can let you know where we are and when so you can meet up.
slade, i might need it too because im going to be a little late. that is, unless it it for sure that we will be hanging aound easton for the first few hours.
I dont know exactly when I will be arriving. Depends on how fast the diesel will run with all that weight.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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