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Question about Fuel door "How to": Eclipse Fuel Door

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When I looked here: Cougar DB How-To
Picture 4 shows the material removal to make on the car body in order to install the fuel door. One tab (bottom left) must be completely ground off.
Why not just remove the extra tabs off of the eclipse door instead? It's a $25 part....I'd rather mod that to fit my car. That way, if I screw up, It's not my car that is wrecked. Is that possible to do? Looking at the pics on the DB, would point towards "yes" but I'm not sure.

Any ideas? :shrug:
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I don't think modding just the door will work because new door comes with a new plastic cup. So you have to remove your original cup and mod the outside so that the new plastic cup fits. The new door really isn't the problem, it's the fitment of that cup into the Cougar. You could try to figure something out, I could be wrong. But I really don't think there is anyway to get the new cup to fit in the Cougar without cutting off those tabs.
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