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question about fogs in 99 coug

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okay, i've done some searching on here, and it seems that there are two possible answers to my question. either there ARE stock wiring harnesses, or there ARENT. which answer is right? i dont really have time to take apart my dash in my 99 just to check right now. if there arent factory wires sitting back there, where should i run my wires? is there already a harness with easy access to that runs through the firewall? sorry if im full of questions, but it appears that reading on this subject has just confused me more. i would like to use one of the dummy switches on the dash, but that seems like it would be too tough to do.

also, what lights would everyone recommend, and what about switch location?

thanks for any info!
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I would recomend stock ... I think they look ten times better than aftermarket, and as far as the wires go I am not sure I would either call Mercury/Ford, I am pretty sure they might be there, I have seen cars with wires that give you that option of upgrading, but call from the source.....
i can take a picture of my swtich location it is on th side of my steering column right near the height adjustment lever
but i used a pilot wireharness for my stock fog lights
The wires should already be run, all you would need is the stock fog lights, and the headlight knob to control them. It is all plug and to speak.
does anyone know how much the factory fogs from ford are? i asked my salesman about them and he said forget it, too expensive.
Front Lamps, Fog Lamps, Fog Lamp Assy(R) $64.06
Front Lamps, Fog Lamps, Fog Lamp Assy(L) $62.32 + shipping
and this is what you get
I did not have factory fog lights on my car, but just added them...sorta. I have the lens assemblies installed, and the wiring harnesses were there hanging already. I started poking around on the back of the headlight switch and also through my service CD and determined a few things. For one, there's a pin there that send power out to the fogs. Two, there's a relay behind the headlight switch somewhere, or at least should be. Three, a light actually comes on in the cluster to tell you that they are on (never knew that) but surprise, there's also a REAR foglamp light also...amber in color instead of green like the FRONT foglamps. Four, don't power the fogs offa the power lead I did, you'll overheat the wire.

I'm not done yet, but I think I may need that relay to power the lights. There was only one power lead that I found, and it wasn't enough capacity to run the lights fully.

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