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Quaife vs Traction Control

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I've read their site, and every message I could find here. Could the difference between thewe two be summed up as "you get what you pay for" (Quaife = ~3x the price of TC),and that TC is more reactive (use the brakes to slow the spining wheel), where the Quiafe is more proactive (divide this available power up where it works best).

Am I right here? I'm asking anyone who has either, or both. I think I know this answer - the Quaife would give better acceleration runs, not quite AWD, but closer than stock, right? Better than TC does?
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you are right on that one... quaiffe will also help with torque steer too
The Quaife actually replaces the differential with a much better unit, which is stronger than the stock unit. Since the week point in our tranny is the differential, replacing with a Quife will not only provide better traction to the ground, but also allow you to run more HP more efficiently and dependibley through the tranny.

One is not supposed to compare to the other because the they serve two completely different functions. Traction control is a cheap way of saying "we don't have AWD, but traction is not a problem." Traction control will not allow you to accelerate faster or corner harder and then exit that corner faster because it's objective is to prevent wheel spin. But, the Quiafe will spin the wheels, but together, not independently. Anyone with TC racing someone without it will tell you, all things being even except for the TC, the non-TC car will always win. Why? Because TC will mess with your throttle, brakes and whatever it is hooked up to to avoid wheel spin. But, wheel spin isn't always a bad thing. I would much rather have slight wheel spin during acceleration than have my car brake for me when all I want is to MOVE IT!
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Very good point, thanks. I'm still on the car buying stage, and in talking with the dealerships (I've gotten that far now) I had said I wanted TC, now that I look back it seems a little ignorant. Is it something that could be turned on and off? Even if it required a spliced wire attached to a switch? Or would this just puke up CEL codes all the time. Is there a stock means for turning it on or off?
Will it GIVE more HP? I mean, would that not help in putting it to the ground?
Oh, it would definitely help put it on the ground. It wouldn't give any more though, no.

Horsepower and torque are measurements of the engine itself, how much force it can make and work it can do. Forced induction can create horsepower. Better intake and exhaust can be looked at the same way but is easier seen as freeing up power that is already there. Quaife's and lighter flywheels have no effect on power, but can help acceleration and all by making better use of that available power. Much like drag slicks would.

So give, no - but to the ground, definitely.
The TC can be deactivated by pressing a button on the dash. Having used TC, I would say that unless you are going to be doing winter driving in the snow, TC will be of little, if any, use to you. In the snow, TC does quite a good job. The one question that I've always had but no one has been able to answer yet is what if you had both. I want to know whether or not the systems will work together.

Ideal situation for winter:
Situation 1 wheel begins to slip..the Quaffie powers the other wheel whcih has traction and the car moves forward.

Situation 2 - wheel begins to slip..the Quaffie powers the other wheel and the other wheel ALSO begins slipping. Only after BOTH wheels are spinning does the TC engage the brakes.

If they'd work like this, they'dbe a GREAT winter driving combo, but I don't know if the TC would engage before the quaffie had a chance to get the other wheel going.....
I noticed your other post on this question, and understand... I could see it going either way. I do live in Minneapolis so there's no lack of need for traction, you wouldn't believe how much snow there can be. So - if it's just a button to be pushed to turn it on or off, then I think it's back on the "yes, want to have" list.

Thanks everyone!
Hey where you at I am in Minneapolis? We should hook up some time and I could show you my cougar. Turn your private messaging on. I think you can do it by going to your profile.
Anybody who has installed the quaife differential, about how much does it cost to have installed. I know it won't be cheap, and I consider myself fairly handy with cars, but I am not about to rip my transaxle apart on my own.
Well the average cost around here in md is around $600-1000 to install. If you have the trans dropped you might as well have the clutch and flywheel replaced also so you don't have to drop the trans again. Oh these prices are for a SVT contour they should still be around the same, but I just wanted to point that out.
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