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Power Steering Flush

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According to the Cogar Tech CD, when doing a flush of the PS system, one of the steps of many tells you to disconnect The Crankcase Position Sensor and turn the key to the start position. You then go about pouring 1.9 l of fluid through the susyem. Then you turn the key off.

Out of, what the heck, what does the CKP sensor and the ignition key have to do with flushing the PS system.

I have yet to check the electrics to see if there is a vale that comes open. That is all I can think of.

Anyone have any other ideas ??
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disconnecting the sensor keeps the engine from starting when you turn the key. turning the key cranks the engine and pumps the fluid through the system. simple enough?
Turning the engine over is only done when purging the system and not flushing it. That is according to the Cougar Maintenance CD from Ford. All I can think of is that the pressure switch for the PS is closed by default through the Crank Sensor. By disconnecting the crank sensor, the PS switch opens, allowing fluid to drain through.
umm, i havta disagree with your statement. flushing implies moving fluid through the system, the ps pump must be turning to make it happen. you want the pump to pump but you dont want the engine to start because youll run out of fluid fast (you dont ever want it to run dry!).

now, when purging, a simple purge is done with the engine RUNNING and the system full of fluid. you turn the wheel from lock to lock over and over. this helps remove the air from the new fluid.

makes sense doesnt it? think about it man.

the maual has some errors in it, im here to tell ya. i dont have the cd, i have the hard copy books and its full of errors.
& apparently so does the CD. I stand corrected. The engine DOES need to be turned in order to flush.

Did some more hunting through it ( the CD ). Found another section with the exact same info but it states to turn the engine over.

So much for thinking that the editors at Ford know what is going on...
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