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My girlfriend and I just broke up and it looks as though i may have to sell my cougar due to moving expenses...I was just wondering if anyone here could take a guess at what kind of price it might fetch if i sold it to a private buyer, here's the vitals:

2000 V6, MTX, Roush package (bodykit, 17" wheels, brand new Kuhmo ZR tires, lowering springs, rear seay bars), GLASS moonroof (dealer installed), cloth interior (with the newer style seats and drink holder/console), CD player, A/c, cruise control, NO sport package (rear drum brakes..doh!) emblem in rear, ford euro grill upfront, all other badges shaved, momo shift knob....laser red, perfect condition, w/ only 15k miles.
So what do you guys think it might be worth, and beter yet anyone want to buy it? hehh...thanks guys!
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