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So I went to tire kingdom to get my fiances brakes look at since they do them for free. Her back rotor is screwed, I knew that before I went. Well after the inspection they told me that the back caliper had locked up and is now heavily damaged.

Anyways, they said that it needed replaced, only thing is that according to them calipers only come in pairs? At 300 bucks a piece. They also said rotors only come in pairs as well. The price was reasonable for them.

Total estimated cost: $882 WOW! for that much I think you could almost get a whole Baer big brake kit. Anyways, what did you think. Tomorrow I am taking it to the dealer to argue for warrenty work since the caliper is defective. Still have to pay for a brake inspection, which I think is stupid since they are going to tell me what I already know.

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