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I hope that this helps everyone out there that has been asking about this. And I hope that I can Type it to where it all makes sense. It will take about 2 1/2 hours.

What you will need:
Dremel Type tool, about 10 Heavy Duty Cutting Wheels, 1 Heavy duty Grinding Stone Bit
3 Big head small body 1" bolts
3 Lock nuts for above bolts
3 Washers for above bolts
Drill and 1/4 bit
Tin Snips
Eclispse Plastic Fuel Door (of course)

First you have to remove the stock fuel door. Just move it up and down till it pops out of its hinges.
Then you have to remove your tire and wheel well cover. 1 screw, 3 bolts, 2 nuts, 2 divots
Then you Pop out the inside fuel cup. I just pryed mine out from the front. Used a towel (to keep from scratching the paint) and a plastic pry bar. The other Eclipse install talks about 4 catches on the back of the cup that you push on, but I couldn't get it to come out that way and it was simple the way I did it.
That is the easy part. You have to undo the hose that is connected to the cup.


Now you have to grind off the 4 tabs that held the original cup in place. I forgot to get a pic of it before I cut them off but when the old one is removed you will see what I am talking about.


Remove the Gas Cap. Then on the new fuel door (fuel door and cup are one piece) you must grind the hole in the bottom big enough to fit over your gas pipe.Not too much grinding is needed. Once this is done you will see that the cup hits the over flow flange. You must cut the over flow flange with the tin snips. I call it fanning.

Once that is done you can bend the pieces out until the fuel door goes down to sit flush. I suggest using a towel when doing this because the pieces are sharp.


Now that you have the new fuel door sitting in there you will see that you will have to cut a section out where the finger gap is on the new fuel door. The gap that you stick your fingers in when opening the door. I just set it in there where I wanted it to be and marked it with a pencil, then cut it out.


Now you will see that there are 2 small tabs on the underside of the new fuel door. You must grind them down for it to fit flush.


At this point you should be able to set the new fuel door in place. With the new fuel door in place you will see 3 holes in the bottom of the cup. You can see the metal overflow underneath that. You will need to mark the overflow through the holes so that you can drill it for mounting. The top hole is a pain to drill, I suggest using a small bit first and then using the 1/4" bit.


Now all you have to do is put the screws in and tighten them down. If you got a fat head bolt you will only need the washers on the under side. Be careful and watch as you do this because the plastic will start to collapse. You will only need to tighten them until they hold it in place.


Now just reassemble everything and your good to go. I just zipped tied the hose to the gas pipe because the new one doesn't have a connection. As you have heard it doesn't fit exactly flush, but, it does fit evenly and it looks great. Also, I used touch up paint on everything that I cut so it wouldn't rust.


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I've never seen the metal Fuel door, but would this same how-to work for the metal one as well :shrug:
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