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seriously man... i understand the need for show points and all... but screens and speakers under the hood?!
To me, thats crossing the line from "unique" to "just plain stupid..." i dont care how many points it counts for... it looks dumb.
and those god, i still can't figure it out why he wanted them to swing OUT and up, rather than just up... his is the only car where the doors just look only "half converted" - don't even get me started on the dash :tongue:

James, you should be kickin his ass all over the Country! its a Car-Show and your's is by far, more of a CAR than a "oh im bored, lets fiberglass some more shiz" thing like his.

And as stereotypically Canadian as this is gonna sound, i've gotta say:
Brian! you hoser! whats that 6th place "mild" all aboot eh!? :rofl: you should have at LEAST placed in the top 3 in a MILD category... heh, personally i would have stuck you in Wild :tongue:

*begin leg humping*
Either way, contrats to both of you. I'm glad I got a chance to meet you both in person and show my car along side yours. I wish you all the best of luck with everything over the winter, and look forward to checking things out and hangning out with you both next year!

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