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pillar pod and gauges install

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Hello everyone,

I will be installing a-pillar pod with Auto Meter voltmeter and Auto Meter oil pressure gauges. What other stuff do I have to buy for the install? I imagine I'd need some zipties and maybe some wire connectors... what else?

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you pretty much have it covered, everything i needed come with mine except for wire connecters. and i would recommend the zip ties. that's all you really need, unless something unexpected shows up. g'luck!
Thanks for the quick response rista. I'm gonna get some tape too, I'm gonna try to make the installation clean.

Do you think I'm gonna need extra wires for the voltmeter?
depends on where you run the wires to. but i would recommend it just to be on the safe side.
I need help I'm trying to hook up the oil pressure gauge but i can't find where the stock oil sending unit is can anybody out there help me???????????? you have a duratec or zetec motor?
I have a 2.5l duratec motor
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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