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pics of meets n stuff for website

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hey neco community.

i am redesigning the whole website

if you have any pics of past meets PLEASE send them to me at [email protected]

thank you very much

hey pablo, los, melissa. i know you got some
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thanks for your help,

i know melissa has some pics...right?
you want pics? i'm not supposed to send pictures to STRANGERS! why don't you come out either tues. night or thurs. night so i can meet ur ass and we can chill.
your a funny guy, well... i'll be stuck at work tonight. not sure why you just wanted to meet my ASS but, i wanted to come and was planning on it.
sick bastard :kick:
Originally posted by: transient
thanks for your help,

i know melissa has some pics...right?
Oh, definitely remind me to check my computer at home. I hope they're on a disk somewhere...
hey melissa...check your computer at home.
Thanks, dude. I have to go hassle my dad, because he decides to format the computer so much....he must have saved all the images from the camera on a CD he's hiding somewhere. I've got like 2 pictures on my HD now...of course, they're both of me :) From the awesome meet in the parking lot of Ruby Tuesday's, ha. Go intake installation. Oh, and one of Carlos' car...'cause it's hot.
Alrighty, I found the photos from our awesome August 2004 Meet, some of my gauges installation at John's (?) house like two winters ago, and the intake installation at the Ruby Tuesday's Meet from October 2003....dayum! That's a long time ago! I may even have ::gasp:: photographs from a disposable camera from the Rhode Island beach Meet from the Spring of 2002!

Do you want me to upload hi-res images to your website so you can crop and resize them or do you want me to resize to 72 DPI and email them over?
Originally posted by: PonyGirl
I may even have ::gasp:: photographs from a disposable camera from the Rhode Island beach Meet from the Spring of 2002!
Oh Snap!!!

That was TRULY OLD SCHOOL, when Melissa and I took the ferry from Orient Point, where I modded her cougar (headlight covers)on the ferry, and popped her sideview mirror back into place. We then met up with the original pre-IslandNECO chapter called Neco Northeast, which included MASS/Conn, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Maine. There is where I began pondering the formation of our own chapter, cause the Northeast chapter was FAR too big. OH man, the memories! Melissa and I are truly THE OLD SCHOOL of ISLANDNECO. She is still the IslandNECO princess! :bowdown:
You are just the sweetest thang :biggrin:

Yeah, Northeast was OLD SKOOL. Ha, I slammed the big yellow pole going up the ramp! And I almost forgot we got yelled at for doing mods on the boat, ha. Then I broke my toe on the beach :(

And remember the other Melissa with the black Cougar who moved? Coincidence.....Brian and I went to a Celica meet in Deer Park at this guy's garage. And we stop by and he's like, "that's so weird, I used to date a girl from NECO named Melissa with a black Cougar. I thought it was her when you pulled up." I'm like, "yeah, I met her." Turns out his girlfriend (now his ex, too) mods her Celica. Small world.
yeah melissa white...she lives out in riverhead...well lived. funny thing is my dad knows her
How does your Dad know her? Someone's been around the Island one too many times, huh ;)

my dad used to work for the town and melissa white used to process his paperwork. it was weird, one night i was chatting with her only and she was like is your dads name david and lives at [his address] i was alittle shocked. i thought maybe she was psychic or something :) but she just said she knows him and we had the same last name. my last name isnt too
Ha, maybe we should have a page on the IslandNECO website called, "Where Are They Now?" Oh, and I want a page all to myself, too :)
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