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photoshop request

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i was wondering if anyone can take this picture and paint the sides of the c/f kaminari hood like james, crispy and grandmasterkahn did, and also paint the insert in the middle of the hood the same color. you can use the same color in the attached pic or change the color if you want and also if anyone has a different pic or a differnt angle that would be fine too... thanks in adavnce
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anyone wanna give this a shot?
I would, but the one thing I can't seem to figure out is how to change colors in photoshop!
I know it's not great...but it's Microsoft paint and it only took me 5 min....hope it helps somewhat

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actually thats pretty darn good Dan! :)
hamill, thats looks pretty tight. i didnt think about using microsoft paint, i guess i could have tried that myself but i still appreciate it, it looks cool like that, dont know if i would ever do it but its something to think about or maybe give someone else an idea.:thumbsup:
heres what i got done on photoshop. best i could get for paint matching.

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Looks pretty sweet, i say do it :thumbsup:
that looks awesome vhull! any chance you or anyone else wanna try to make the car a differnt color? i appreciate you guy's work.
what color are we thinkin? maybe post a color that you want and i'll give it a go.
i think both photoshops look awesome! you should hook up with that shiznit
i'll see what i can do for ya, should have one by tonite.
heres the best color match i could get after f***in with the colors for about a half hour. its nearly impossible to get that metallic shimmer like the other one has, but this should give a pretty good idea.

if someone thinks they can do a better color match, i can send them the photoshop document where its all separated.
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1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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