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Photoshop Please!!!

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Hey I would like to see my car with the driftbodykit on it painted to match my car ( I already have the bodykit on but it is in grey primer, and I dont have a good pic of it so here is a couple before I put it on) I would also like it to have 18" Konig Unknown wheels on it, and a carbon fibre OEM hood!

Thank You Very Much!!!!
Use which ever would be easyiest

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omg! Do you go to those meets at the Coffee Time on Kortright!! :biggrin:
ya why? Where are you from?
I have never seen your car around?

PM sent!
My car either sits in my driveway or its in Toronto.

I see people hanging out at Coffee Time when I go to the gym but I've never seen a Cougar. If I had I would have stopped.
Iam always there or at Tim Hortons on York and Vic. during the week and if iam not at either iam either driving around or at work! I work @ Olympic Honda! You should come out to our weekly Guelph Racing meets they are @ A&W on Woodlawn on Sunday nights @ 7pm! There are not many Cougars in Guelph but I thought I have seen them all now it looks like yours is the nicest in Guelph!!!
Ya know what I think would look good? The X-treme front instead of the Street Weapon. Oh my god, and I even have one for sale already in your color
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Im not around much...but if I am maybe I'll come say Hi.

I'm quite sure that mine is not the nicest! LOL
All pics off my car are from last year before I parted it out. Its pretty much stock right now but in exactly 13.5 days it will be a little less stock. Right now, I only have rims, suspension, exhaust and an OMP.
Originally posted by: ShadowCat but in exactly 13.5 days it will be a little less stock.
Whatcha got cooking there Christina??? :wiggle:
But how will her car be....
a little less stock
someone is bringing her parts over the border.
i hope he brings enough for the rest of us! :biggrin:
What Kinda Parts Christina? :wiggle:
I'll take the kind of junk that goes on the car! ... and no other kind. heh... :cover:
hey there, how come I couldn't find your car on the Guelph Racing website? I was pretty sure that you were a Guelph Racing member, but then there were no cougars on the site, I was rather disappointed. I've thought of stopping to take a look at those cars on kortright too... way to go Guelph!
hey there are no pics of my car in the members section because iam waiting till its painted, there are pics in the meets section only! My old car is on there though it is a 1989 Z24! but you are right i am one of the offical members! Come out to our meets they are every sunday @ A&W on Woodlawn We are there every Sunday @ 7pm come check it out, everyone is welcome!

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