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Philly Area Bodyshops

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Some of you probably read somewhere along the line or even saw that someone keyed my car a little while ago. I really dont want to pay to have it fixed, or go through insurance because that will be at least $500 for the deductible and im trying to trade in the car in the next couple months. But at the same time im worried that ill lose more then $500 on trade in because of the body work they will have to do to sell it. I was thinking maybe someone on here knew a buddy or something that worked for a body shop and could possibly overcharge my insurance company $500 and then they make out on the deal by getting all the money for the work and i make out with getting it done pretty cheap. Id throw them an extra $200 or something for doing me the favor which would still be a savings of $300 on my part. If you dont know anyone, how likely do you think it is i could just go around and find a body shop that would do it for me?
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psst... thats insurance fraud.... illegal...
But most shops will work with you... to get proper work done.
i see what your saying. but i also see what eric's saying. i dont think paying someone like 200 bucks to help you out is a bad thing though. if the insurance company wants too much u can always get it done cheaper yourself. dont overcharge your insurance company, just try and find someone that would take 200 on the side. i would if i was a worker at a body shop, thats 200 in my pocket.
Yea but the worker at the shop still needs the money to buy all the supplies and the time to work on it is more then $200 worth. Thats why i would need insurance.
Joe the insurance company would never let that happen anyway. They deal with this sort of thing everyday and have checks and balances in place so they will not get ripped off. Have you even had it appraised yet? I would suggest that you do that first. Or you could go the graphics route that you had thought of before.... plus remember the dealership may show 500 deduction on the trade-in appraisal, but you can negotiate that down to get more for your car. Since I deal with this everyday, I would suggest going to the dealership, and seeing what they give you...joe call me and we can talk about this at greater lengths as we did before!
if your willing to trhow them 200 just have the work done and dont report it to your insurance ive had 3 accidents with my cougar they know of one. theres a shop by brige and pratt my uncle owns it he did it for me before and im sure he does it for other customers. its called chris's complete auto body on ditman st. turn onto orthodox st from frankford ave and then make a left on ditman its small u gotta whazt for it usually theres banged out cars on the side walk around it.
holy thread revival... lol
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