Note: Offers have to be worth time and effort of pulling /shipping any part

I finally gave up on repairing 2001 Mercury Cougar V6, fought start/no start condition for 6+ months finally took it in to find out head gasket was blown/ Not dealing with pulling engine so she's heading to scrap. Short last call for any parts of interest. Make me an offer + shipping costs and I'll tell you if I can do it, Lots of parts installed that are brand new and happy to go to new home
Radiator - Brand new, no miles on it but is installed
Spark plugs and wires - <100 miles
Fuel Pump, 4mons old, in tank
Sensors - new but on vehicle- IAC, MAF, Fuel Pressure Reg, etc
Focus Rim+ Winter Tires
probably others that I can't think of

Sending to scrap later this week so only a couple days warning

Hate to see car go (was a family member's car who passed away) but I am done LOL