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Thought I would give you guys here first dibs on anything and everything basically for the car first. I'm trying to bring the car back to stock so that I can hopefully have better success on selling it. Things for sale. Everything is + shipping unless a pick-up is in order.

subs+amp+custom box $200
blitz front bumper $200
aerogear extreme rear w/ dual exits $200
SOLD corbeau racing seats w/brackets and harness $550
SOLD diamond plated floor mats w/ dead pedal $35
kaminari full carbon fiber hood $450
17x7 wheels and tires $450
koni struts, GC coilovers and BAT caster camber $600

I think that's about it for now. I would need an exchange of the stock rear bumper (preferably silver frost) and the stock shocks and struts. Pics of the car are on this page

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Interested in both the racing seats and the struts & coilovers.....the seats mostly though.

I got dibs on the seats! :biggrin:
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