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Saturday, I had to go pick up a Focus.
I stopped by and looked at a pair of Cougars, I really wanted one.
was clean inside and out, but it was supposed to have jumped time, or needed a timing chain.
I noticed the water pump belt was burnt off it, tensioner pulled seized. so wondering if they got it hot and burnt it up, guy bought them from a local auction. So never drove either one.
Other was rough, windshield been missing for who knows how long, so that did no favors to the interior.
Supposed to have 80k miles but can't start it, says the starter is out.
I'm actually thinking seriously about buying the clean one, and just get a 3.0 from a taurus if I can't make the 2.5L run.
Wants $300 for one with 80k and $200 for the other its got 160k miles on it.
Both automatics, really like to seen a standard....
So that is where i'm sitting at the moment on my Cougar adventure.
Ford inventory, 01 (wifes old gorcery getter) and 04 Focus (my other son wants it 5 speed), 02 Escort zx2 (my son wants it)
I should have taken pictures, but got side tracked talking to the guy.

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Sounds like a good price, if you can do the wrenching yourself.

I've owned a pair of 2003 SVT Focus, and currently have a 2013 ST. Also have 2 Cougars myself right now, although one is unofficially for sale...
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