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finally attempted to fix up my dash board from all the scratches that resulted in last time's pathetic attempt. I wasn't really patient and was in a hurry dash sux ass. But yesterday...took the whole day to sand it, prime it, sand it, prime it, sand got the point.....well you know what? I've successfully reduced the scratches signifcantly......but one thing that troubles me though......I can get the damn dash to shin like the way I want....I clear coat I applied doesn't do much.....then I tried to spry a lot of it one, but the excess ran off the curve and make the glare after it was dry, I sprayed a nother layer again....and I found out that the section that was previously shinning before wasn't too shinng anymore.....seems as if the new layer took that away in some strange way.....I have been puzzled by this...maybe is the clear coat Im using? maybe is not meant for plastics?? but since Im sprayin it on paint...does it matter?? anyone who can achieve the nice "bling, bling" clear coat give me some advice please??? thnz

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Try Color Rite. They have the best clear-in-a-can. It worked awesome on my dash. Also they make automobile colors for you as well. You can have your dash match your exterior or have it in whatever color you like. I used Spruce green and Silver Frost for the vents. It looks awesome. Hope that can help.


For whatever reason I cannot post pics on my roomie's comp. I was going to show you my das, but oh well.

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i'l second the duplicolor .. only problem you are going to have is finding it in our stores ..

we do know of a few stores that sell select duplicolor product, but i am yet to see one of them carry the clear coat.
if you need any more help, PM me or rastaman, i'm sure we can help you out.

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Crispy knows of my dash painting woes...but here goes
(I'm a poet, didn't ya' know it?)

I have my dash shroud stripped down again. The paint is gone where it used to be rough, it is down to the stock black plastic now, which has been wet sanded smooth. The silver paint that was left has also been sanded with 400 and 600 grit sandpaper, as well as wetsanded with both, so it is quite smooth as well. So basically the whole shroud is smooth, but most of it is still silver from the layers of paint that have been applied. There is quite a large black area, as well as a few smaller spots, where I had to sand the rough spots out. It seems even and smooth now, even though some of the shroud is still painted, and other spots back to stock.

So my question is:
Should I apply the Duplicolor polypropelene primer coat on top of this? Or should I use some sort of plastic cleaner or other prep.?
Is there a certain primer, I have tried three kinds. One was called Adhesion Promoter by Duplicolor, and another was similar, by by a different company, neither seemed to work, they both bubbled, and didn't hold the paint well.
This primer says polypropylene, which I know is good stuff, and it is a white bottle, with is Duplicolor Primer.
Next, I have the silver metal flake that Crispy used when she was going to paint me a shroud.
I used it for my pillars, and I liked it, sparkly as it may be. It worked well on the pillars, and it coats nicely.
So if I use that, should it hold well to this primer, should I wet sand with 600 between coats?
Then should I paint as soon as the last primer coat is dry? Is that the best method?
Then once the paint is dry, should I apply a clear coat soon after?
I also have 2 kinds of Duplicolor clear coat. One is the large can, which is just black, and says Duplicolor clear coat.
It doesn't specify interior, exterior, this the right stuff?? It doesn't look very special.
I also have a smaller can, which seems to be more for the interior. I think I have tried both on pieces in the past, and didn't seem to notice they were doing much as far as making a really shiny plastic coated layer on the parts I was working on.
Do I wet sand between coats on the clear coat as well? Or just build on top of the others, until the desired finish is achieved?
I would really appreciate as much advice as I can get. I have been working on my interior all summer, and I really want to get it back together now. I hate my car being in a large project stage like this. I want it all back together nicely, so I can concentrate on my next projects ;)
Thanks for any advice you have, especially you Crispy...this would have been so much easier if you would have sent me the peices already painted, I would have probably spent much less money paying you to do it, and it would have looked much better I am sure!!

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If anyone knows how I can get Spruce Green to paint my dash with.. Pleaseeee email me [email protected] or post on here........ Thanks.. :):):):):):):);)
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