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Just curious if anybody know's how to paint the black area of the foglights, I have the clear area off of them and can't figure out where to go from there. I have a 99 so as not to get mixed up with 2001+ model answers...thanks in advance guys.


PS already did search...only get how to on replacing foglights and how to on painting headlights

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Man 32 people have looked at it and not responded....welllll luckily pinhy gave me the email address of I'm guessing another NECO member who gave me the answer and here it goes:

Hey Jason I will do my best to help you.
> >
> > First take the cover off by the foglights on the
> > [inner side].
> > Remove the one screw and take out the fog light.
> > Unhook the foglights by
> > pinching the blue housing and pull the plug for the
> > lights out. You should
> > now have the whole foglight housing out. Take the
> > cover off the back like
> > you are going to change the bulb. To pull the
> > foglight lens out so you don't
> > have to mask it off is easy, just take your time.
> > The clips will unlock with
> > a flat head screw driver. There are eight in all.
> > Slowly pull as you go and
> > the whole assembly should come out. Now you should
> > have the rest of the
> > housing and the clear plastic lens left. I started
> > with the corners and
> > gently used a flat head screw driver to help wedge
> > it open. Don't worry
> > about the silicon when you pull it apart, when you
> > put it back together it
> > will reseal. Use primer with light coats. Then what
> > ever you base color is.
> > Thats how I got them apart and painted. Hope that
> > helped.
> >
> > Tsunamicougar
> > Mike

OK after reading it again I'm now guessing Tsunamicougar is his NECO name, just a guess though.
Thanks to him anyway, and here it is for anyone else who wants it.

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