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Overheating/ head gasket problem

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So uhh.. am i **?

Engine was running for 30 45 minutes and was on temperature. Nothing haopens while idling, but when i drive just a small distance, it wil rapidly rise and overheat.

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What did you end up doing with your water pump? If you put the old one back in, then you already know what you have to do next...
If you put a new one in, then I would try to make sure all the air is burped out of the system, and also take a closer look at the pump drive belt and tensioner to make sure they aren't slipping or seizing.
Also, did you put the thermostat back in correctly?
I replaced the old waterpump. Also changed out the belt. It was pretty tight to get on. Water pump is turning when engine is on. Also i didnt remove the thermostat, Just the hoses. Changed out the thermostat too with another one but no difference. When i was trying to diagnose the problem. I saw that engine was pretty warm but not overheating. The reservoir was cold. If i was revving at this moment some fluid would come back to the reservoir. If i had cap of it would flood.

For a week it was just fine, then it started overheating at the highway. Before it overheated it was making a rattling sound
and the imrc got stuck at closed position.
Problem solved. It was the waterpump i replaced last week. It was destroyed already.
Impeller didnt turn with pulley while under load. Put the old one back in and it works.
That's frustrating. At least it was easy.
Yes it was. Just used some sealant kit for the old pump.

If i was unlucky could it damage the head gasket or cyllinder head with our vehicles?

My car stalled when i got of the highway just before i wanted to check what was wrong.
Damage to the head gasket or head warping is always a possibility with overheating, but our engines are pretty robust. You're probably okay.
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