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I just copy and pasted Crispy's answer from the other post about this:

I've pulled apart my headlights 3 times now, so I think I am qualified to answer - but I am unsure at what step you are at...

you need to undo all the black tabs on the outsides
pull off the black seal thingy
pop off all the metal clips top and bottom
carefully start prying the lights apart... you just need to be very careful with the portion that has the angled tip... it has a small retainer sorta nub in the back that needs to be depressed a bit otherwise you could crack that corner straight off...

once you remove the 2 pieces... (get another set of hands to help you and alot of tooks to stuff in there to keep it somewhat seperated until it can all be ripped apart) unscrew the screws that are holding in the black plastic trim... carefully pop out the reflector...

take that time to clean your projectors and inside lenses... I used some "fog off" and that worked great
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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