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Opinions Please

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I was just wondering which one of these rims ya'll like to see on a cougar(mine preferably).

Rim Pictures
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#2 will give you a mean profile to your coug. Make sure you get them in 17's or better.
I like #5 they look pimp, and would suit my car well, i mean yours
I say 5 as well.
I like 5, then 4.
5 thats the rim i wanted till i found i couldnt get it in 18" crome
Yeah, 3 then 5.
A few people here have #5 already. Be different.
#5 in 17'
#2 in 18"
I say #2, but I tend to like the machined lip "look" and no chrome...What size are those anyway?....notice how friggin deep those are?...SWEET!!!... those deeper lips do get dirty real fast though....I really like those...


The lip can make it look like you have "white-walls" in certain light, which adds to the class a little.....

But this is just me.....
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I vote #2, then #1, then #3 (in that order). The last two are far too played out, and I really dig that second one's deep dish look. Very sweet. You'd have to get it in 18" to help offset the deep dish's tendancy to look smaller than it really is.
#1 in 17 or bigger
5 then 1
2 & 3 are nice & sexy.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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