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So today on the way to work, noticed a little wobble developing as I was driving. didn't get too bad so I continued for a few miles to the exit and eventually a regular road where it felt a little better actually. Stopped at Dunkin and when began to roll again I could clearly tell the tire was flat, once I stopped completely the outside bead had separated from the rim. you can also see the rubber shards that fell out .

Great fun changing a spare in a halloween costume in the DD parking lot of the town you teach in. Then it happened. I forgot to put the E brake on and when I jacked up the truck and took the bad tire off, the truck rolled back off the jack landing on the rotor. FML! I was like "Did I just really do that?"
You can see the scrape mark from the rotor before it stopped moving.. Wasn't even a big incline at all! But lesson learned as this could have been bad with someone under.

finally get the factory jack under the frame to realize it won't lift the axle high enough to get the spare on. So had to call my custodian to bring a second jack cause I didn't want to set it down on the rotor again to readjust. 43 and still doing stupid stuff apparently!

To top it off, apparently Nankang tires haven't been delivered in quite some time, so I can't find a single tire, or even a pair. These only have about 10,000 miles so lots of life left.


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