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Oil Useage

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:confused: I have a Manual 99 V6 - Its done 34k Miles - I check the Oil Level - it never seems to Use any so far - Question - does anyone's V6 use oil at all ????

I have always thought that it is better to use a little than none at all - but reading the information available through the Jaguar / Ford Intranet (I work for Jaguar) - the information on the DURATEC engine is that the design / concept is that this engine is a low friction unit....
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I don't quite understand the question. Do you mean your oil is always clean, or do you mean that the level is always the same?

If it is the latter, it should stay the same. Unless I am wrong on this, but the level should stay the same unless you are buring oil or you have a leak.
my oil level always the same since the last oil been seven thousand miles on it already and will be change oil again this end of the month.

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