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Ohio Cougar girls are hot...

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Or at least one of you is. Last Monday (I think it was was early in the week anyway), I pulled up next to a dark green Cougar on State Street here in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Cuyahoga county Ohio plates, so...Cleveland area? Anyway, hats off to you, young lady...whoever you are. ;)

Just some love from an MC-Neco'er. :)
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Most chicks who drive Cougars are hot. ROWR!

Plus, dark green really IS the sexiest color... ;)
Seeing how she was in Ann Arbor and "hot" she could've only been from Ohio:biggrin:

Go Buckeyes!
She doesn't sound familiar. But most of us Ohioans are lookers.

Jeff, I thought you'd get a kick out of this. Dad loves it ;)
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Agreed. Let another cougar take a left by stopping traffic earlier today, she waved.. pretty good looking ;)
Originally posted by: Bexcat
Seeing how she was in Ann Arbor and "hot" she could've only been from Ohio:biggrin:
As a state school, UofM has got MORE than its share of girls that nearly cause me to have traffic accidents daily on my way out of town. It doesn't help that I drive past the soccer fields. Soccer chicks are hot.

Then again, I went to Notre Dame for undergrad, where there is a relative dearth of uber-attractive females. Yeah, we get a couple of cute girls, and there's something to be said for those freshman ladies who are in their first co-ed school of their lives...but still... :)

And I don't know who to cheer for when MSU/OSU play. Can they both lose? Is that possible? ;)
I just like to talk smack about Michigan whenever I can.

I need to get Tucker a couple sports bandanas
Wal-Mart. His sweatshirt was $16 and I think bandanas were only a couple bucks. Bucks - HA!
Luna has a soccer jersey, which we thought was really cool for the Brit dog and all. But now she's a little too ripped and barrel-chested to fit into it comfortably. Teach me to wait before buying dog clothes...
so my cougar died yesterday, there is a topic in the problems section if you care. but there was this yellow cougar parked next to mine, i was tryin to fix it and the girl that owned the other cougar came up. she was gorgeous, she asked if i needed a jump and i was like "no i dont think the battery is the problem". STUPID STUPID ME. she left and then today i figured out that it was in fact my battery. damn, i should have started talking to her.
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