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so i pull out my factory unit today...and the jack ass that had my car b4 jimmy rid the hook up...rear speaker didnt work...front right was hooked up w/ was a anyways...the wiring harness(factory) was all wrong so i basically cut all the wires in the middle (so i could reconnect to the harness later if needed) so i was looking @ the factory wires colors....there all messed up...there isnt even a solid black 4 ground or a solid red for power...anyone have any idea what the color are??? and wtf are all those black wires w/ green lines...its got a separate harness....please some help ! THANKS IN ADVANCED!!! garrett

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You got 3 plugs there or at least there should be 3, they are: the smallest one is for the illumination, the biggest one or the widest one is for the speakers, and the other one is for the power.
if you do not have those plugs or they have been cut off, here is what you do.
get the test light a 9 volt battery and a volt meter.
1. on the bigger plug get the 9 volt battery and try on each of the wire, you will hear a speaker pop mark the wire so you will know, do the same for the rest of the wires on that plug.
2. with the ignition in off get the test light to ground and the probe to the wires the one that will be lit is your power 12 + volt. Turn the ignition on and do the same thing and this one will be your turn on wire with ignition on.
3. with the light on check your small plug for the dim light.
to find your negative ground wire once you will wind the 12 volt power attach the alligator clip to that wire and probe the rest of the wires when the test light will come on you have wound your ground wire.

as far as the color codes, that I could not help you with you might want to get one of the radio wire kits and it is listed on the back of them.
Hope this helps.

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How about a "how to" read colors for a 99 cougar- Not sure if the years differ but here is this set-

orange W/ black stripe= Battery
yellow W/ green " = Acc.
black W/ green " = Ground
blue W/ black " = Illumination

White W/ black " = Left front pos.
Grey W/ black " = Left front neg.
Grey W/ white " = Left rear neg.
White W/ purple " = Left rear pos.

White W/ red " = Right front pos.
Grey W/ red " = Right front neg.
Solid Grey = Right rear neg.
Solid White = Right rear pos.

and as for the others your on your own, but this should get you by-
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