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Not your typical Road Tale!

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I woke up this morning to someone ringing my doorbell at 6:30 in the morning. I guess sometime through the night my car rolled out of my driveway onto the road. Its not a main road, thank god, So no damage. My parking brake stuck on the right side just before fest. I didn't have time to fix it so I unhooked it. I always put my car in gear, but I guess it slipped out of gear. I had the parking brake pulled on but not enough I guess. I should get that parking brake cable fixed now! Not your typical Road Tale but I thought it was funny!:rofl:
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When I worked at Dominos, there was something of an incline to the parking lot. My boss pulled in one day and parked his car and came in, and we were in the back room just shooting the [censored], waiting to come on shift, when one of the other guys working came out and said "Hey dude, your car's rolling away". We always joked around with each other, so my boss just said, "Yeah, sure" and kept talking to me. The guy was insistent, so my boss finally got up and looked, and sure enough, his car had rolled across the street into this grass lot that gradually sloped downhill. He went sprinting out across the road and got the car just before the decline got really bad and brought it back into the lot, making sure to set his parking brake this time.
My cougar did the same thing once...

I had just done my rear brakes...and my driveway had a nice incline to it...So the next day, I parked on the driveway (instead in the garage). I rarely if ever park in gear, but I always pull the E-brake...

I'm watchin TV, and hear kids playing outside. I decide to go take a look to make sure they aren't playing near my car (since a few times I saw tennis balls bounce on ot near my car)...When I looked outside I had to think for a second...Where did I park my car. I Could've sworn I parked at the top of my why would my car be at the bottom now, very near the street.

It was an interesting moment to say the least. After that, I drove around slamming my brakes really hard to make sure they were functional and all was fine...So I parked it in gear this time...then all was fine.

Weird thing that happened...and again luckily no one or nothing got hurt.
My E-Brake is so messed up. It pops all the time and makes weird noises when I get into the car because of the incline of the driveway and the weight of someone getting in the car. I hope this doesn't happen to me one night (knocking on wood). If it does though, I've got my dad's F-150 right in front of it :)
my brothers car rolled out of the driveway into the street so no one could get buy. Sure enough the cops showed up to let him know.
good to hear nothing is broken
my dads "old" cherekee did that almost every other month......but then it was a piece of [censored]........we had to pay the dump to take it
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