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Not going to believe this one

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Ok, here is what happened:
Approximately 3 weeks ago, I had to have my clutch replaced. No big deal, other than a $1100 hit to the checkbook for parts/labor. I then find out that the right-side outer CV boot is damaged and needs replacing. Fine, another $142 parts/labor paid to my local mechanic (not the local Ford dealer like the clutch). I also mentioned to the mechanic that since the clutch was replaced, the left front was making odd noises whenever I made a turn. So, he popped off the center cap to pull off the wheel and noticed that the large nut that holds the entire wheel assembly on was MISSING!!! He informed me that it was just dumb luck that the wheel hadn't fallen off. Mind you, I had been driving the car for TWO WEEKS like this!!! Including driving on the Chicago tollways at 70-80mph!! The mechanic also let me know that it looked like the CV boot that he replaced had been punctured by a flat-bladed screwdriver. I have the old boot in my possession, and he's right. It's a clean cut, nothing that could have been caused by a rock or some other road debris. Another thing is due to the CV boot leaking grease, the brake pads became contaminated and need replacing. I ordered the new pads, as well as a new set of KVR cross-drilled rotors from SP Motorsports for that. Another $262.

Needless to say, now that my temper has cooled off, I'll be calling the Ford customer complaint number.

And for any people that live in Lake County, IL, near Antioch...never never never take your car to Lyons-Ryan Ford/L-M if you want your car to remain safe to drive!! (FYI..this dealer is also supposedly "SVT certified" and that new "blue oval certification" or whatever it's called)

Sorry folks, but I needed to vent my frustration out someplace where it might actually do some good.

[/end rant]

Mike N.
Antioch, IL
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Update: Spoke with Ford Cust. Service. They said that since the cv boot was changed by the dealer, I can't complain about it. As for the wheel nut missing, they said they'd contact the service manager at the dealer and that I should do the same. I did as they suggested and I got the same answer the mechanic gave me: "I don't know why it's missing" and that they shouldn't have had to remove it to change the clutch. I asked why it was missing if it didn't have to be removed and again got the answer "I don't know" from the service manager.
I guess I should just consider myself lucky that the wheel didn't fall off as I was driving the car around (ford should count themselves lucky as well).

I do know that my car will never see the inside of a service bay at a dealership again.
That sux dude...
Ford, where quality is job 2,998,877.
Thanks for the heads up on Lyons/Ryan Ford. I work in Lake county and have been needing to get some work and recalls done. I would rather wait and go to the dealership that I bought the car from next time I go home to visit! At least I know they have treated my fiance's family well for many years and value their business.We need more people to speak up about good and bad experiences w/ dealers, may be we could avoid the really bad ones!
If you need to take your car to a dealership in Lake County, I'd recommend Libertyville Lincoln/Mercury or Sessler Ford, also in Libertyville. I have friends that have bought vehicles from both places, and they've had nothing but good things to say about the service depts.

One more prob has popped up w/my car that has to do with that wheel nut missing: I have to get a front end alignment now as well. Won't be going to the dealership and I'll cough the $40 just so I don't have to.
Thanks! Libertyville is right near work!
No problem

They're right on Milwaukee Ave, almost right across the street from each other on that stretch that is nothing but car dealerships
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