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1999 Cougar V6 MTX
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pop the hood and hit the button by the pass headlight 7 times really fast, then use the key to lock and unlock the drivers door. This should reset the RKE system and turn the light off.
My 99 V6 MTX was having issues, the security light was on solid (but dim) while blinking (like it normally blinks) and none of the electric locks or hatch release worked. Saw that a previous owner removed fuse #25 (security alarm & door lock fuse) and every time I plugged it in the alarm would go off and not stop until I pull the fuse back out.

So I unhooked the battery for 15 minutes and inserted fuse #25 while the car had no power. Then I hooked the battery back up and the alarm started screaming its guts out again after a 2 second delay. So while it was honking away I pressed the hood switch (by passenger headlight) 7 times within about 4 seconds then ran over to my driver door. I locked & unlocked my driver door with my physical key and the second I unlocked the door all doors unlocked and the alarm halted. Now EVERYTHING works like new again!!!

Thanks Drewman!
21 - 21 of 21 Posts