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Here's an email I received from HPA motosports. Maybe if we get enough interested, we could get this kit.

Thanks for the email. I have to admit, I do not know what Neco is, as we really do not do anything with the cougar. We are the distributor for No limits, but we originally were interested in the Ford Focus kit (for our other company Focus Tuning ( There has been an overwhelming interest in the cougar kit though, and we are currently investigating pricing/ availability/ fitment, etc. The one main concern is the difference between the bumpers. Usually European spec and North American spec are different, but we are not 100% sure on the cougar. I will add you to my ever-growing list of people interested in the cougar kit and email you when I have the information, hopefully by Monday.

Also, maybe you can help me with something. I assume there are cougar related chat sites, websites, etc. Maybe you could pass that info along to me. I am sure if there is enough interest we can start bringing in these kits. I will hear from you soon.

Darren Pritchard
HPA Motorsports Inc.
KW Suspension Systems North America

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e mail the guy and let him know the only cosmetic difference between ud and euro cougar is the style of the lights. the car is exactly the same otherwise and the kit will fit.. also let him know neco is new edge cougar owners and maybe they will start getting us some cool euro parts
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