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I just got back from talkin to my friend at his performance shop. A few weeks ago he installed my headers, and before that my exhaust. Well we worked it out and he said that he could install the headers on our car for around 300 bucks, which is a great deal since I know alot of people were saying that they got them installed for like $400-600. He's an expert on Mustangs and thats mostly what he does, but he has installed headers on a few other cougars. This one cougar drove up here from Maryland just to have him do it. The shop is Valley Performance in Belleville, so if anyone has any questions or for more info PM me and email me at [email protected]


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Yeah, I drove up from MD to have them installed. They did an AWESOME job! They installed them for 280.00 in 4 hours. I was getting 5-6-700.00 qoutes. It was worth the drive. Definitly get your headers installed here.

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