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next meet!

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hey guys, who wants 2 plan &/or host the next meet?? if ya do...please post here! :) every meet we've had has been i know that we all wanna have another soon. thanx!!
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How about we put up a poll so everyone gets to voice their opinions. No one wants to drive far, but some have to make sacrifices since we are a large chapter in land area. I dont think Springfield is a bad idea cause Sharkie is only 6 hours away.

Mel, can you edit your post to include a poll? Can you even do polls on here?
I say we have a Dirty-Santa meet... Ya know, everyone bring a gift usually $25 or lower... We could have a Cougar theme...

Just a thought
PS: I'll be flying back from Mexico the 20th of January
well it looks like stacy won the poll!! so i guess the meet will b :) i'm excited!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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