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New to me wheels

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I bought a set of fox body wheels for 100$
Automotive tire Tire Wood Tread Rectangle

Test fitted yesterday after work and the lug studs are short and found these... Will they work?
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I will also need hub centric rings that go to about 2.953in/7.5 cm/75mm(76.2 if rounded up)
but I couldn't find any definite info on our hub size(7cm/70mm maybe)
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I run the 5.0 fox body rims and they fit right on; Hub centric & cleared shock. A really wide tire would rub, I use 215/50/16 on them. You might lose about one rotation on lug studs but still safe.. But I'm using different rims so use discretion of course. I didn't need to swap my studs so not sure if those will work. Good luck! Post a pic when you get em mounted!
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