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I'm not sure how familiar anyone is with this store motorsportwarehous, but apparently they sell a lot of items for the Cougar. I have attached a portion of and e-mail message from them to me talking about what they have available. They also told me that they are willing to give disscounts for group buys. motorsportwarehouse for the springs.....try for other items...we carry the Aerogear Predator hoods,
Z3 fenders, drop springs by Eibach, Intrax.....Koni struts...
PIAA fogs and headlight bulbs, and Polarg too....
Ford seatbelt pads, OBX and Focus mufflers, Wings West bodykits
and Razzi, and Kaminari....Obx Nippon, Motegi and Ace Alloy rims..
silicone hose kits, Vtech headlight and taillight mask, and some other
cool Cougar me Im a cougar fan from the beginning.
(see attached pic)...of my 69....
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