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The Titan Cold Air Intake System

Since it is a new product it is here and not in for sale.

To stay on topic: ( This thread will not become another argument. This is only to be an "informative" thread. Answering questions about this intake as well as others intakes.

The first Cold Air Intake System proven installed without any battery relocation on an ATX.

The cost is $124.99 shipped for chrome. (If you wish to keep your current filter, your cost will be $113.00)

It gets you the following items

- 3 piping extensions in CHROME
- 3 couplers (choice of colors)
- 6 clamps
- Air filter
- Instruction booklet

Here is a General How-To for the install showing a GENERAL procedure!

Here are the dyno results (This is a general dyno, not all numbers will be identical)- The first run was with a plain AEM Short Ram, then the Titan Cai was bolted up- ( The gain was 6.4 whp and 8.4lbs/tq over the AEM shortram alone)
Every dyno varies from car to car- vehicle conditions, oil, fuel, etc. This is a general dyno, to give a general idea.

Here is a snapshot of the package that GRAYV6 received minus the filter which was not pictured (but will be recieved)

Here is the intake installed in my vehicle- My Vehicle is an ATX V6

Here is
the intake out of the vehicle attached to the Injen shortram

Please feel free to post questions about this intake.

If you are interested in placing in order please PM Nd4spd


Q-Have you thought about protection from water? That looks like it will suck it
up...looks like it needs the AEM valve and I think they are like $40-$50

A-An AEM ABV is an option for any Cold Air intake system out there. It is also
recommended but isnt necessary. I as well as many other Cold Air Intake owners
do not have a problem with water. Unless you plan ondriving through 2 feet of
water dont worry about the AEM bypass valve. The filter has to be fully
submerged to suck up any water.

The only thing is , your intake filter may become dirtier quicker.

Q- What is waterloc or hydrolock?! Why does it hurt my engine if my filter gets

A-Hydrolock is when water is attempted to be compressed ... water CAN NOT BE
COMPRESSED and the engine seizes because the pistons basically hit a wall.
Damage could be as severe as broken/bent rods, broken/bent wrist pins,
broken/warped rings, cracked cylinder heads, cracked/broken crank rod journals,
broken bearings, ect.

However, to get to that, water would literally need to be sucked into the
intake. To accomplish this, the filter would need to be submerged in water. A
general misting around the filter will not cause hydrolock. If you have to
forge a stream or river, you are driving the wrong vehicle

Q-Would there be any performance difference between the type of filter used?
A-The filter does and has been shown to make a difference. The best out there
to use is typically a true K&N Filter. To keep costs low we provide a K&N
Style filter. A true K&N filter can be purcashed online or can be found at
your local AutoZone.

Q-If you don't mind, how did you simulate the constant rushing cold air, if you
can't move while on a dyno?

A-On all dynos, a fan is placed in the frontal area to simulate cool air , on
road driving conditions. Remember: Every dyno varies from car to car- vehicle
conditions, oil, fuel, etc. This is a general dyno, to give a general idea.

Q-So I'm a little confused. You have to have a shortram correct? your not
suppling the MAf adaptor or the tube to the manifold? So basically EVERYONE
that orders this would have an extra filter?

Seriously drop the filter. It would ruduce your overall cost, you shipping would
be cheaper, smaller shipping boxes are cheaper. You could easily get this under
$100 without that filter.

A- Our prices are 124.99 for the filter, and every other piece of additonal
hardware. 112.00 Shipped of everything excluding the filter. 99.99 Shipped
for just the piping.

Our prices are firm and will not move.

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As a special promotion, George and I have decided to give away one free intake to someone!

The way it will work, is on Sunday night (November the 30th) there will be a draw.
At 9:00pm, all paid orders from the week will be "put into a hat" and one will be chosen at random. The order that is chosen, recives their money back + a Titan intake shipped to their house for free!

depending on how many people order, there might even be multiple give-a-ways! :)

Just our way of saying 'thank you for choosing our product', and giving something back to you for your decision to chose us for your CAI needs :thumbsup:

George & Matt.

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Originally posted by: BrantlyJ
I have a few comments. They are not to be taken negativly, but you asked for comments so that is what they are.
First I have heard roumors about this. One of the rumors was that it was going to be a fraction of the cost of the GMK intake. I was a little disappointed to see that it wasen't. There has to be one hell of a mark up on these since 3 pieces of tubing can't be very expensive.
Second. While crome is great and looks pretty. But since I don't have a show car I would rather pay less and have a polished intake or maybe even colored.
Third. Since you need a short ram to go with this and every short ram comes with a filter element, ditch your element and reduce cost. Not many people need two lifetime filters.
Other than that it looks good and glad to see something for the ATX people. If I wasen't saving for an engagment ring I might get one. But for now my short ram will have to do.

- Chrome is the default... the next step UP is powdercoated silver piping - Crispy went for this option, and it looks great
All the costs are comon sense...

We are also offering little 'perks' here and there... I've taken it upon myself to help out ALL Canadian members who order, by paying for the extra shipping costs out of my own pocket.
and on sunday, there is a 'raffle' among all those who have ordered in our first week - the winner gets their intake for free!
- doesn't get any cheaper than that :)

to the Thrid point - yep, if you tell us you have a short ram, all you need is the extension kit which comes with just the extension pipes, as well as couplers and brackets that you need. - as you said, no one needs two lifetime filters.

Good to hear about the engagement ring! congratulations! - but nothing says "i love you" to your cougar more than a CAI :biggrin:

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Matt and I will accommodate anyway we can with our customers. If you are
looking for an Air Bypass valve we will be able to get one for you at an
additional cost. If you don't want an air filter for your intake we will
reduce the price for you. If you just want my piping only we will take your
pricing down further. Here is the scheme:

- The short ram and cold air extension in a bundle - $199 Shipped

- The entire package- $124.99 shipped

-Package w/o filter- $113.00 Shipped

-Piping only- $99 shipped



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To everyone that is missing a post,

I understand concerns as to the abuse of moderatorship on the forum, it has happened before. All of the posts regarding questions were added to the FAQ portion of my first post. Every person that had a post deleted or modified in any way has been notified with a PM notification. This is to keep down on the amount of " I want to buy", or "what is", "wow this is a great buy" posts in the thread. I am simply keeping the thread clean and not causing it to become a Forsale Thread or group buy. As stated at the top of this thread, it is simply here to inform of a new product, that is all. However, if you still feel that you have been "abused" by myself or any other moderator on the board, please feel free to PM an administrator. I understand this may be a sensitive subject, and every moderator on this board trys to be fair in every way possible including myself.

Thanks and have a wonderful day,


*Edited topic per Fly-Fast's request* :)
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