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What would you guys like our chapter to be named?

IL NECO is not an option!

You are all wrong. We should name ourselves after Bill Murray because he's from Illinois too! You can't dispute the fact that he rocks. My vote is for Bill Murray NECO!

Seriously, I always use IL-NECO instead of LoL-NECO. It makes our location instantly known to people, while people are required to think for an instant about LoL-NECO. Some public school kids may not even know why we're called LoL-NECO! ;)

Just for fun, a list I found:

Famous Illinoisans

Franklin Pierce Adams author, Chicago
Jane Addams social worker, Cedarville
Mary Astor actress, Quincy
Jack Benny comedian, Chicago
Black Hawk Sauk Indian chief
Harry A. Blackmun jurist, Nashville
William E. Borah public official, Fairfield
Ray Bradbury author, Waukegan
William Jennings Bryan orator, politician, Salem
Edgar Rice Burroughs author, Chicago
Gower Champion choreographer, Geneva
John Chancellor TV commentator, Chicago
Raymond Chandler writer, Chicago
Jimmy Connors tennis champion, East St. Louis
James Gould Cozzens author, Chicago
Richard J. Daley mayor, Chicago
Miles Davis musician, Alton
Walt Disney film animator, producer, Chicago
John Dos Passos author, Chicago
James T. Farrell author, Chicago
Betty Friedan feminist, Peoria
Benny Goodman musician, Chicago
John Gunther author, Chicago
George E. Hale astronomer, Chicago
Dorothy Hamill ice skater, Chicago
Ernest Hemingway author, Oak Park
John M. Harlan jurist, Chicago
Charlton Heston actor, Evanston
Wild Bill Hickok scout, Troy Grove
William Holden actor, O'Fallon
Rock Hudson actor, Winneta
Burl Ives singer, Hunt City
James Jones author, Robinson
Quincy Jones composer, Chicago
Walter Kerr drama critic, Evanston
Archibald MacLeish poet, Glencoe
David Mamet playwright, Chicago
Robert A. Millikan physicist, Morrison
Sherrill Milnes baritone, Downers Grove
Bill Murray actor, Willmett
Bob Newhart actor, comedian, Chicago
Frank Norris author, Chicago
William S. Paley broadcasting executive, Chicago
Drew Pearson columnist, Evanston
Richard Pryor comedian, actor, Peoria
Ronald Reagan U.S. president, actor, Tampico
Carl Sandburg poet, Galesburg
Sam Shepard playwright, Fort Sheridan
William L. Shirer author, historian, Chicago
McLean Stevenson actor, Bloomington
Preston Sturges director, Chicago
Clyde W. Tombaugh astronomer, Streator
Gloria Swanson actress, Chicago
Carl Van Doren writer, educator, Hope
Melvin Van Peebles playwright, Chicago
Irving Wallace author, Chicago
Alfred Wallenstein conductor, Chicago
Raquel Welch actress, Chicago
Florenz Ziegfield theatrical producer, Chicago

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Jack Benny is from Waukegan, Denise Richards is from Downers Grove, slutty girl. Ha ha ha. Chris O'Donnell is from Wilmette...

Jachin! You forgot Jenny McCarthy! She's from Chicago, can't forget the Playboy bunnies. Ha ha ha. How about Playboy Bunny NECO???

Oooooh, PlayboyBunny NECO! COOL! How about Michael Meyers NECO? or Homer Simpson NECO! or Blues Brothers NECO????

Ok, Ok. How about "Denise-Richards-as-a-Playboy-Bunny NECO"? Definitely more believable than "Bill-Murray-as-a-Playboy-Bunny NECO".

EEWWW! Bad Early Morning Mental Image! BAD! BAD! BAD!
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