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I'm having problems clutch problem on my cougar.
My car has 11000 miles on it and I love it to death, but lately is been a pain in the @$$ due to tranny problem. Dealer repalce one tranny already and got busted took the damm car back. They will not repair my car under warranty "cause I race" (with this michigan weather yea o'right!)I called ford and they said the same old.

I contact Terry Haines (well respected engineer from CEG) He is doing a investigation why my trannies are failing.

Well after some days I decide to put a used tranny but I did not replace the clutch 'cause is only 11000 miles. Later on the clutch starts to fade and what not, so I called a machanic I told me that my car needs a new clutch but he want 500 for the installation.

My question is how much should I pay for intallation?

I got a quoete from SP motor sports on a UR clutch and Sho shop fly wheel for 850 shipped
What other options do I have?
Do you know a mechanic I can trust around Ann Arbor/detroit area?
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