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need info fast.... mounting a spoiler

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ok there is a guy i know selling a spoiler, and its missing the mounting posts. i was wondering if anyone has had experience making it work without it being crappy or whatever... thanks, i need help fast as the bid ends in like 2 hours... thanks
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it would help to know the style of the spoiler and the link of the ebay auction. Each style varies on install difficulty.
Ok, now my next question to you is, what spoiler do you have currently?
Im not sure if they mean 3 of the holes to hold the spoiler down are gone??? but u can just drill 3 holes to make sure it holds. With my visteon there were 4 holes and I just used my screws that were holding my stock spoiler down for it. This is a great deal though because I payed $180 for my visteon un-painted so go for it if u think u can improvise like the guy says.
By mounting studs, i think he is talking about the stock screws. If thats the case, buy it and use your stock screws.
well currently i dont have a spoiler. he sent me pics of the bottom of the spoiler, and it only has 1 of the original mounting studs, the other 3 are missing...
I have 2 of the mounting studs from when i replaced my spoiler. If you get that spoiler, I could mail these to you, and then just drill the holes, and it will work. It will be secure with just 3 of the studs, but it would be even more secure if you could find a fourth.
bid ends in 2 hours, ill bid and reply back later if i will need the studs...tropiccougar01 thanks for the offer... i let you know how the auction goes...
No problem. Just let me know if you win it. Hopefully you get it because it is a nice spoiler.
2 words: HOME DEPOT

Yes if you are missing the screws you can get them at any parts place. As for the threads you can also get them fixed or replaced at a body shop.
yes, well i won the spoiler and got it for only $66!!! thanks for all the help guys...
ok, well the spoiler finally came in. and after looking at it one of the studs is still in place, but as for the other 3 they were PULLED out completely, leaving just half-dollar sized holes. ive been thinking about how to mound new studs, and i cant seem to figure it out.... anyone have some ideas???
Drill new holes elsewhere in the spoiler, or fabricate metal hangers in the existing holes.
Fill the half dollar size holes with fiberglass or bondo and wait for it to dry... Then drill and thread a new hole.
Yeah just get a tap the size of the screws you want to use, tap that bia and you're ready to drill into your car :biggrin:
well the spoiler is hollow for one thing... so im pretty sure that i cant just fill with bondo or fiberglass... as for making metal hangers, how would i do that??? i guess i can just drill new holes, that would be the easiest, but i have to figure out how i can do that so that the bolt head will not turn when i tighten the nut down. another thing that will be difficult about that also would be getting the bolt in the hole, head first... i still have to get it painted, so im still not sure how im going to do this, but im definatley open to suggestions...
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