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Need a how-to on changing front pads

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I have searched and searched and can not find on on here or TeamNECO. I know that when I went to change out my rear pads I found 15 how to's on the fronts, and now I can't find any!

Can someone please help me,

Sunni :)
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I know it's overkill for just doing a pad swap, but look to invest in a CHILTON's manual for the Contour/Cougar. Gives step by step, illustrated pictures as to how to basically turn the car into a big pile of car parts. :) My brother and I are going to attempt to change the front rotors/pads in a couple weeks, and it should be pretty helpful.
You can check out the how to part on my website below
Dan.........this is probably a silly question, but is it the same on a 99?

Sunni :)
Sunni, the fronts are sooooo easy to do! My buddy who was a professional mechanic for awhile helped me and he commented that it was one of the easiest brake jobs that he has ever done. I have a '99 and the hardest part was waiting for the rotors to be cut.
I believe that it is the same Sunni. I am not completely sure but if it is not the same then it should be very close.
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