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Need a flywheel and a starter

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Need a flywheel and a starter. I also have to add that I do not have that much money. That why I can't buy a new one. Can everyone HELP ME!!!
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JAMallott or Pyro81 MIGHT have some leftover parts from the Roush; wait until we hear from those 2.

Otherwise, there is a pretty good junkyard in Columbus called U-Wrench-It where you could theoretically get those parts for about 20 bucks - IF they have a Cougar or Contour on the lot. That's the chance you take. If you call, they cannot and will not tell you if there are any on the yard; you just have to come up and look for yourself, which sucks for you, being out of town and all. However I WILL tell you I have been going there at least once a month for like 2 years now, and I've seen about 4 Cougars there, and maybe a dozen Duratec Contours. So they are rare.

But even regular junkyards where they go out and get the part for you SHOULD be able to help. They just cost a little more, since they have to pay Billy Joe to go out and get it.

How much is a starter from Autozone anyway? They are usually pretty reasonable...
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I have a stock flywheel from the used engine I just got done installing my car. The engine only had 27k on it so the flywheel should be in good shape, but honestly I have not really looked at it since I had a spec flywheel I was installing on the engine. I'll take a look at it in the morning and get back to you.
First, i have a question. Do you have an ATX or MTX? Since your asking for a flywheel i'm assuming you have an MTX. However sometimes people refer to the flexplate of the ATX as a flywheel. I have a flexplate that i could sell you. I also have a torque converter if anybody wants it...
I finally got a chance to look at the flywheel I have. It appears to be in great shape, some light surface rust because its be exposed to the elements for a little while, but good shape none the less. The clutch and pressure plate look good too if you need those as well. Hit me up with a pm if you still need them.


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