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As you might have noticed, the hosting has expired on almost all of these how-to documents. I have been able to recover them all from Internet Archive, and am planning to re-index and re-host them once I find the proper place to do so.

Until that time, I have simply dropped everything into a shared folder on a Google Drive, so you can access them - albeit in a random, unorganized fashion - at this link: HowTos - Google Drive

Thanks for your patience.

I've been wanting to do this for a while, So I got with Trevor, he provided the space for me to store all these on the site.

I took all the How-To's I knew of, and put each in a PDF file.
Below are the direct link to each. These are exact copies of the How-To's so I take no credit or responsibility to their content. In each I listed the creator, or the user whom posted the How-To. Enjoy.

In no particular order (Hit F3, and type in a word to find matches)

(more to come w/ time)

NOTE- If you do not have Adobe Reader (or another PDF Reader) Installed you will need to do so before attempting to open these!
Available Here: Get Adobe Reader (It's Free!)

  1. How To: 3rd Break Light Removal
  2. How To: Use 65mm throttle body (Mustang TB)
  3. How To: Replace 99-00 Alternator
  4. How To: 99-00 Speedo Needle Replacement
  5. How To: Add shock sensor to factory alarm system
  6. How To: AIT Relocation
  7. How To: ATX to MTX Swap
  8. How To: Change LCD COlor
  9. How To: Clean upper and lower Intake manifolds w/o removing them
  10. How To: Clean MAF (Mass Airflow Sensor)
  11. How To: Clean UIM w/ Seafoam
  12. How To: Change Coolant
  13. How To: Modify cup spiller into a CD holder
  14. How To: Custom Exhaust for Under $200
  15. How To: Custom * head dash
  16. How To: Cut the stock shifter
  17. How To: Install DMD (Dual Mass Dampner)
  18. How To: Install Eclipse Fuel Door
  19. How To: End 1-2 Bang Shift
  20. How To: Fix Dimming Lights (alt wire mod)
  21. How To: Fix Heater Blower Resistor
  22. How To: Install FSTB (Front Strut Tower Brace)
  23. How To: Paint your gauge bezel
  24. How To: Ground wire relocation
  25. How To: Install Hood Pins
  26. How To: Fix IMRC
  27. How To: Install CAI (Cold Air Intake)
  28. How To: Install Jaged RSTB (Rear Strut Tower Brace)
  29. How To: Rebuild your intake system (Remove, Clean, Replace Seals, Re-Install)
  30. How To: LED Swap For Dummies
  31. How To: Make MIL eliminators
  32. How To: Modify Flasher Blink Rate (for LED Blinkers)
  33. How To: 02 Sensor replacement
  34. How To: Optimize stock y-pipe
  35. How To: Optimize stock or SVT TB (Throttle Body)
  36. How To: Passenger Window Auto Down
  37. How To: Program PATS key
  38. How To: Prep Plastic pieces for Paint
  39. How To: Install push button start
  40. How To: Recover door panel inserts
  41. How To: Safely remove driver side airbag
  42. How To: Remove exhaust manifolds and precats
  43. How To: Remove center console and replace ATX Shifter
  44. How To: Replace Cabin Air Filter
  45. How To: Replace DPFE Sensor 99-00
  46. How To: Replace shift cables
  47. How To: Reprogram Key Fob
  48. How To: Returnless Fuel Pump Replacement
  49. How To: Reverse Indigo Gauges Install
  50. How To: Repair Sagging doors (bushing replacement)
  51. How To: Use self diagnostics mode
  52. How To: Replace Spark Plugs (2.5L v6)
  53. How To: Recalibrate needles on speedometer
  54. How To: Optimize stock y-pipe (2nd version)
  55. How To: Remove and replace stock struts and springs
  56. How To: Replace Sunroof
  57. How To: Install SVT Fuel Pump
  58. How To: Install SVT TB (Throttle Body)
  59. How To: Throttle Hang fix (Moosing or Moose Sound)
  60. How To: Tint or Nightshade your tail lights
  61. How To: Underdrive pulley Install
  62. How To: Install Walbro Fuel Pump
  63. How To: Replace Waterpump
  64. How To: Wet Sand
  65. How To: Wussy lock horn fix
  66. How To: Recover Headliner
  67. How To: Recover Visors
  68. How To: Add MP3 Input to the Factory Radio
  69. How To: 2.0L Zetec Clutch Replacement
  70. How To: Custom Fiberglass Sub Enclosure
  71. How To: Install front sway bar endlinks
  72. How To: Install rear sway bar endlinks
  73. How To: Remove dash
  74. How To: Re-route anti-theft horn to main horn
  75. How To: Rear Disc Brake Conversion
Any Issues, comments or concerns Please PM me!


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link will not work ---> "How To: Rebuild your intake system (Remove, Clean, Replace Seals, Re-Install"
thanks! fixed!

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Link will not work: How To: Make MIL eliminators

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what happened to angle/demon eyes how to?

1999 3.0 SilFro
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Starters are pretty simple. Hard job because of the tight space, but not hard to figure out. 2 bolts and some wire plugs to remove, that's it...

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you should edit #45 to "REPLACE DPFE Sensor for 99-00" Because the DPFE sensor for 01-02's are different and located differently.

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reupholster headliner / visors doesn't work :(
They openend right up(after a quick download) when I clicked on them. :shrug: Do you have Adobe installed?

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Thanks guys! This really helped.
I just changed my blower motor resistor, cabin air filter, fuel filter, cleaning my uim and lim, and cleaned my throttle valve in a matter of hours!!!
I love this forum! =D

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Thank you for #41, although the part about the screws holding the airbag in being smaller was incorrect in my case. Also, it says 4 screws and my situation had 5 holding the upper and lower steering column covers in place.
3 on the bottom= T20
2 on top= T20

then T25 for the airbag itself.

The holes for the airbag screws were very narrow and I could not fit a 1/4 inch drive Torx socket in, so disassembled my cheapo Autozone folding Torx tool, and used just the shaft of that with a screw driver to give me torque in the eyelet.

I skipped the battery removal, as I've worked on enough SRS systems to know how they work and that discharging the system is pretty much a waste of time.

After looking at the steeringwheel mounting, I cannot beleive that that design made it past safety inspectors. :crazy:
The wheel only stiffened up after a bunch of torque was applied. (way beyond the 36 pounds the Mitchell manual said was correct.)

Either way, thank you very much for a very usefull forum.
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