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my other ride

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1977 MGB Roadster, Flamenco Red
Crane race cam
Increased bore to 1800CC (over 1500)
High compression pistons
Peco headers
Monza free flow exhaust (removed resonator)
Aluminum flywheel
Replaced single Zenith Stromberg with Dual 1.5" SU HS4's
Replaced power assist brake booster for '68 style master cylinder / brake box, which allowed for:
Proper sized filter canisters
housing K&N Filtercharger elements
Estimated HP: ~75-80 :biggrin:

OEM MG make factory removable hardtop
fiberglass front fenders
fiberglass 'LeMans' style front air dam
Pilot (autozone) foglights in bumper recess
13" Moto-Lita steering wheel
15" Panasport rims
Sumitomo HTR-400 tires
Moss mudflaps
Cibie' headlights (badass but from England, point light at oncomming traffic here)
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lol, tight, i thought at first it was a very old porsche
that ride is so baller! i would love to pimp around in that for a while! although i could only get about 4 chicks in there comfortably....

edit: i just noticed: "Estimated HP: ~75-80" finally. a car with less hp than my 4-banger!
you can fit 4 chicks plus you in your cougar?

heh... I had 3 chicks, no lie, one of them my HS girlfriend, sitting on each other in my passenger seat.

ah high school days.
Very nice.:thumbsup:

I love the Panasports on little sports cars. I would love to have a set on my Miata.
Originally posted by: Neil
you can fit 4 chicks plus you in your cougar?

heh... I had 3 chicks, no lie, one of them my HS girlfriend, sitting on each other in my passenger seat.

ah high school days.
haha, yes, i actually did have 4 chicks in my cougar at once when i was a driver for senior tag. i had a 4 foot neon tube from an undercar light kit hooked right below the lip of the back seats. after that night i found the tube was broken in 4 different spots. silly girls stripping down in the back seat of me car.....

heres a pic that i took of 2 of the girls in the back seat, covering themselves with jackets (senior tag is whn there are teams and ou try to shoot the other teams with water guns, and you cant get shot and get out if you are naked, so thats why they are naked lol). and i dont think this pic is illegal to have on here because they are covered, right??? if it needs to be removed, then feel free to lol.

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dude are you saying you had 4 naked chicks in your back seat? B/c that beats my record of 2, gotta love strip piddidle ;)
Nice classic many feet between repairs :goofy: Wasn't '77 the last year for new MG's in the US. Must say though looks like new, and with mods probably moves great...put the top in the garage this weekend if the weather dry and drive on some 2 lanes and look at the fall leaves. :cool:
The only thing that gave me crap was the alternator, the original quit charging and the rebuilt lucas i got quit after a week... so i just got a GM alternator at autozone for $30 and modified the mounting brackets to make it work and voila(sp?)! no more alternator problems.

over the first year or two of owning it I replaced the gas tank, all the rubber fuel lines oil feed lines and replaced all brake hoses with stainless ones. When I swapped out the brake box I bought New (not rebuilt) clutch and brake masters, and rebuilt the clutch slave cuz it was weeping a little. i also replaced the front shocks and upgraded the lower A-Arm bushings to sleeved prothane. Also actually the day of the above photos I had replaced the radiator fan heat switch sender cuz the original seal that kept it in was dry rotted and leaked antifreeze.

I mean, the car's 26 years old, and after all the TLC stuff above it would be very happy being a daily driver. Thankfully everything electrical was unmolested when I bought it. The biggest problems with british cars happen after people try to 'figure out' the wiring.

edit: 1980 was the last year for MGB's. They started on the UK MG-F (looks like an updated B but with a V8 :evil: ) after a year or three of sorting out finances and are still in business, quite successfully.
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:rofl: Jammallot, that's awesome, I wish I had been single in HS.:( A message to all you younger cougar owners, you cant act like an ass for the rest of your life, so get it out of your system in H.S... Jammallot, you have my stamp of approval. Just dont get anyone pregnant.

Neil, that car is pimp. Looks in GOOD condition for a car as old as that. But how much HP could it possibly have had stock if the hp after high comp pistons and such is only 85hp??
after all the emissions equipment and environtment / DOT safety standards implimented in '74, they probably had around 65hp. My setup is just a step above what they were stock before '74.
please keep this thread about the i dont have to delete the pic (which is legal, just causing the thread to get OT) and the other posts about the pic

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