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Well for those of you who don't know, I am out a few thousand dollars due to a moron...

To make a long story short, a guy whom I knew personally who had done work for me before was to do some major head work for me. The heads were 2.5L heads, fully ported and polished, 3L valves, 3 angle valve job, and ceramic coating everything. Then a port matched lower IM, which I was going to port match my upper when this was all done.

This was set to be done within about 6 months...Well now 2.5yrs later I have nothing.

I then find out, I and many other had been taken by this guy. He was a professional, but he left with our money. In total he had taken an estimated $50K from what we all know of. There is currently a law suit against him, both criminal and civil. I don't know what's going on with it now, but this takes a while to get all the facts etc etc.

So I was highly discouraged at the loss of money, time and patience, so I had decided to stop modding the cougar stopping with what I had.

I just wanted to do one more I hit up the tranny. If you check my sig, you can see what it has. I'll explain it though...

I got a brand new Euro Spec MTX-75 with the B1 gear set. This has the same 1st - 3rd gear ratios, and a closer 4th and 5th. I had that tranny then fitted with the 4.5 final drive gear and the Quaife ATB LSD. I'm adding a Spec Stage 1 clutch and Fidanza FLywheel.

I opted for the stage 1 since it's torque capacity is just fine for what I need it for, and a stage 3 is too much.

I went with the 4.5 final drive, since with the power range of my car, I find the car has no low end power, and with really short and close gearing I can really make up for that low end weakness...My top speed will be cut, and my top speed in each gear will be cut too, but for what I'd like to do this gearing setup fits me almost perfectly. As I want 4th gear to reach around 105mph max at 7000 RPM. So on the 1/4 mile, my car will just fly through the gears. Launching will be a little bit of a prob, but I'll get it down.

The tranny will be installed in November when I have some time to do it... It'll be fun. I won't be able to run it till like March, but I'll try a NA run and a run with my N2O at 55hp and 75hp shots. Then all will be fine.

Total cost for everything is welll... enough...but it'll be fun.

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sounds like a great plan to me!
It's unfortunate that there are so many people/shops
out there looking to rip people off instead of supplying
a quality service.

I have also found this out the hard way. So far a total
of about 4 times and mucho money lost with no results yet.....

Don't forget to stop into the 1/4 area when you get your N/A
and then Nitrous fed times.

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