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This was my first time ever going to the drag strip. My friend recorded my first run, the other runs he missed because he was running his Supra. I will have the vid as soon as he sends it to me. Last run was the best, I wish he recorded it but seeing that I am hooked on it now I will have plenty more tries at it. I have cold-air intake, 2 1/4 inch cat-back exhaust, SVT UIM, SVT throttle body and a short shifter. I had 3 runs last night and they went in order like this.

The first 2 runs I red lighted which sucked but for my first time I thought I did pretty well. First run was against a 11 second Buick Grand National I don't now what happened to him because he slowed down but I got him.LOL I launched at 3,000rpm.

ME Buick GN
R/T .411 R/T .627
60ft 2.411 60ft 2.258
330ft 6.730 330ft 6.570
1/8 10.308 1/8 10.589
MPH 69.61 MPH 65.08
1000 13.327 1000 13.755
1/4 15.901 1/4 16.362
MPH 87.40 MPH 86.54

Next run I had 20psi Tire pressure but I screwed up on the 2-3 shift. I was bouncing off the rev limiter going into third. It was against a C4 Corvette with some mods. I was with him till 60ft. LOL

ME C4 Corvette Modded(Fast)
R/T .490 R/T .385
60ft 2.342 60ft 2.291
330ft 6.699 330ft 5.850
1/8 10.298 1/8 8.674
MPH 69.96 MPH 89.94
1000 13.350 1000 10.979
1/4 15.983 1/4 12.907
MPH 85.34 MPH 117.74

Last run was the best, unfortunately I ran by myself. There was a few cars in my lane behind me that didn't here the announcer call our lane. The car that was behind me that I was looking forward to racing was a Honda CRX with LS motor cold-air intake, exhaust and header. He did run after I did and I am proud to say he ran a 15.9XX. So the last race would of been close but I would have got him, oh well. Also for those who want to know I launched at 4,000 rpm for the last run and I didn't red light. LOL

R/T .627
60ft 2.380
330ft 6.628
1/8 10.185
MPH 69.61
1000 13.199
1/4 15.810
MPH 84.47

I am positive if I can get my 60 foot time down to a 2.3 I could've hit a 15.7 but better luck next time.

1999 3.0 SilFro
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Not bad at all, dude! Especially good for your first time out.
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