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No Saturn for a MONTH!


2 weeks ago, I was in Chicago. I got a call from Lisa on Saturday night that she had fallen and done something awful to her foot & ankle, and her friend was driving her to the ER to have it X-rayed. Well, long story short, they found at least one broken bone; wrapped it up, gave her some pain meds and crutches, and referred her to a specialist on the following Tuesday.

The specialist was pretty shocked by what he saw on Tuesday, and scheduled a cat-scan and surgery THE NEXT DAY. Apparently, the broken bone was also a bit displaced, so surgery was necessary to get it back where it needed to be. There were also a couple of chipped fragments on her ankle, and a pretty significant sprain as well.

Surgery went fine on Wednesday. She's now all wired together, and ordered to keep all weight off it until mid-September. This means NO MANUAL TRANSMISSION, as the bad foot is the clutch foot.

So until she gets her mobility back, we took the Saturn back down to Portsmouth and traded cars. We are now sporting my sister's 2000 Grand Am SE 3.1 V6. I thought it would be cool, but I have never driven a more uninspiring car. I gotta say, if I owned one, I would honestly have NO DESIRE to modify it - it is strictly point-A to point-B transportation, nothing more. The handling is really soft and body roll is PRONOUNCED. The brakes are TERRIFYINGLY unresponsive. And don't even get me started about the automatic transmission. Really makes me appreciate my Cougar. Which is funny, because when I bought my Cougar, I was shopping for a Grand Am.

Hopefully she can make it to Mini-Fest. If the healing process goes according to plan, it should be okay. I just hope she can walk around all day without tremendous pain...

Time will tell. I may have to come alone, so we shall see.

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Ouch! Hope she's feeling better soon, and everything heals well. :thumbsup:

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my prayers will be with you too thoughout the next month, until she recovers. im really sorry to hear about that! and tell her i said i hope she feels better!
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