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My car has factory alarm!!!!!!!!!!!

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I locked my keys in my car tonight and when the lock smith guy opened it, the alarm went off. I didn't know that I had an alarm, just thought it was the keyless entry. Was just fixing to purchase one too.
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That must have been an interesting supprise. Unless Im mistaken I thought if you have the little blinking light in the car then you have a alarm. You can also tell if you have an alarm if you have a black box behind your glove box.
Keeping in mind, that its not an alarm, its an anti-theft system. Its not going to go off if someone messes with your car, breaks a window or whatever. I'd still buy an alarm if I was you.
It only goes off if someone opens a door, trunk, or hood while it is set. Does nothing for smash-n-grab.
I see. Nothing too much to worry about at this point, but when I start putting the stereo equipment that I want then I guess that I will have to get an aftermarket one.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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